Keep It Running.

Inspiring Fashion

is what everyone talks about.

Faith in Jesus

is what everyone needs to hear about.

The Combination

is who we are.

Who we are

We are a fair trade fashion brand born to inspire you to run. To run for your life, and for the lives of others.

Together, let's  start doing the things we were made for, changing the world we were placed in.

We believe that fashion can be a catalyst for change, because it has the power to inspire.  

Together we want to run towards the ultimate goal, the place where we belong, our true home: the presence of our loving, almighty creator.

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We have a mission to care for God's creation, and to love fellow humans.

All our clothing is certified to be produced under fair labour conditions, and meets the OekoTex Standard 100.

Some items have additional certificates like the Global Organic Textiles Standard.


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Daniel Stettler (22), spent his life in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Japan, where he did a short term mission in the world's most spirited fashion metropolis, Tokyo.

He is currently studying Fashion Marketing and Promotion at the University of Westminster, London, one of the top 10 Fashion schools worldwide.

Faith and fashion, the combination of these two things is what his heart beats for.


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