This Easter, what you pay isn't what you get.

In our Easter "sale", we're raising all our prices by 200%, to show that you can't measure value by looking at the price. Why?

It's not an April fools joke.

As Christians, we can get a ticket to heaven for free, but that doesn't mean it's cheap. Someone paid the price for it. At Easter, we think about the value of Jesus' death for us. Because the Son of God came down to the earth and died for us, we don't have to pay the price for our sin, which would be death.

So let's not take our salvation for granted, but let's keep thinking of its immeasurable value.

And in a different way, there are Christians who have to pay a high price for their faith - in a lot of countries, being a Christian is far from easy. Let's not forget about these brothers and sisters! So from every item bought during the "sale" from 1. - 4. April, the additional 200% of the price go to Open Doors, an organisation that helps persecuted Christians.