How a Fashion Sale Helps Persecuted Christians ...

The prices were upside down at Homerun over Easter. However, at this so-called Easter "sale," nothing was discounted, but everything was suddenly three times as expensive! That wasn't an April fools, it had a very specific backstory:

We can get Eternal Life just like that, without paying anything for it. But it's not without cost - Jesus paid for it with his life! That's what we thought about at Easter here with Homerun.

And how does that help persecuted Christians again? The story continues...

Many Christians have to pay a very high price for their faith and we did not want to forget them. For every item sold, the increased share of the price went to Open Doors, an organization that supports persecuted Christians.

Thanks to your support, Homerun was able to donate an unbelievably high three-digit sum to Open Doors! THANK YOU SO MUCH!