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The ability of bringing together is what makes Daniel unique: Bringing together people, ideas, different cultures, joining them to unite in creative flow.


He spent his life in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the UK, where he is currently studying Fashion Marketing and Promotion at the University of Westminster, London, one of the top 10 Fashion schools worldwide (BoF ranking 2017).


While still in high school, Daniel won a prize for his first fashion collection. At University, he was awarded the Excellence Award for his outstanding achievements. Daniel currently holds two scholarships: by the Fritz-Gerber Foundation for Young Talents and the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation.


Working in numerous different work environments and countries led him to gain a solid understanding of different ecosystems and ways of thinking. Paired with his visionary and creative skills, this allows him to develop strategic solutions for design and marketing objectives.


As the founder of Homerun, a fair trade brand that brings together faith and fashion, he is not only experienced in creative production, but also in taking on leadership roles.


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